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Automatic pallet machine

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Bespoke solutions
Revolutionizing the pallet system 

Our system is based on the client assembling their own pallet when required in

their own warehouse using a simple pallet machine.

  • The warehouse worker places a sheet of corrugated cardboard into the machine.
  • Press the start button.
  • Take out the complete pallet.
  • Press the start button to load the machine with pallet feet ready for the next pallet.
  • Pack goods on the newly made pallet.
Test results 

According to the test results of pressure testing the product, a
pallet foot is able to handle a load up to 275 kg. 

A half pallet, 800 x600 which has 5-7 feet can carry up to 1500 kg. Format European
Pallet 1200 x 800 which has 9 feet can handle up to 2000 kg.

Standard pallets
Pallet feets

Manual pallet machine

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